Thursday, November 12, 2015

Chesapeake Sea Monster good news, bad news and progress...and kudos to Hobbylinc

First the bad news. It appears our USPS carrier is not delivering packages after dark. After the first missed delivery, the status on their page was something like "undeliverable...we will attempt to return to sender." Today, it was also not delivered, however, my wife ran the carrier down and made him cough it up. He is a sub since our regular guy just had surgery. Which means extra duty and a near guarantee that our mail will be delivered after dark at least for a while. Plus, I will remember that 'return to sender' doesn't necessarily mean 'return to sender.'

The good news is obviously that I have the motors for the Chesapeake Sea Monster. I still won't have it ready for next week's launch. That's really not good or bad, it is what it is.

Now, a shout-out to Hobbylinc.  Their shipment was filled in a timely manner and were very responsive to my panic. I believed the USPS status literally and quickly contacted them to report the package was being returned. They responded quickly and said they suspected that the USPS had it and would try again. They told me not to worry, I would get my order one way or the other. Luckily, it didn't have to be 'the other.'

The latest status:


Here is the upper body with the main wings and forward motor mounts attached. I added some ginormous Superfil fillets to the main wings and I don't think they are going anywhere. It needs a little more filling and sanding. The lower of the two wings looks angled but it is just trick photography.