Thursday, October 29, 2015

Probability of building an ekranoplan rises to 50%

This is a photoless post since there isn't much physical progress. I found some 54mm tubing, a scratch roughed out balsa cone from a Warthog Build Session (man, I miss them), and some semi-compatible scrounged mailing tube. I have also ordered some parts. Yeah, that sounds like 50/50 to me.

I have also started on the nose cone. It is a lot longer than what's shown on the ekranoplan diagrams and that's OK with me. So far, I have drilled it out in case I need to add lead. I also have added a structure to make the bottom section kind of resemble a keel of a boat. I was futzing with ideas to add the canopy but have decided to wait until I get the forward motor mounts installed. That way, the canopy can fit with that component.

I should be able to progress with the forward mounts, nose cone and main canted motor mount. From there, I will probably acquire some wood for the wings, etc. It may be buy a little and build a little.

Sneaking into my 'mind sim' is non-ekranoplan-like stuff like extra fins and a second set of forward mount on the flip side. I'm sure some of this won't be decided until the base rocket/plane/boat is done.

Names? I am nowhere near the Caspian. Now about the Chesapeake Sea Monster?