Tuesday, October 27, 2015

New project...maybe

I love Daddyisabar's airplane designs (as seen on TRF) and I have always been fascinated with ekranoplans (ground-effect flying boats). So I am thinking maybe an ekranoplan-like build might be in order.

The attached photo is a sketch of the "Caspian Sea Monster" that I found on the web. It has no rocket pods so I guess it is the hospital ship version of that ekranoplan. I have annotated it with some dimensions to get a handle on what I am dealing with. Daddyisabar likes canted motors and clusters and what's good for Daddy is good for me. Since I have a 24mm canted Tres mount, the natural body diameter is BT-70.

Caspian Sea Monster rocket pre-planning

And, yes, there would be eight 18mm forward mounted motors to augment  the 3x24mm main cluster. My current thought is that this will require too much expenditure considering the flight worthiness is, well, not guaranteed. My next step is to see what I have on hand and come up with a design that may be slightly shorter with a reduction in the size of the stabilizer and rear wings. It will be far from scale but that's OK with me. I do like making stuff from 'whut I got' ;)

P.S. I don't know why I wrote the ratio of the diagram to BT-70 over and over...