Saturday, October 10, 2015

Launch Report 2015-10 (MDRA ESL-208)

Location: Central Sod Farm, MDRA
Weather: sunny, mid 60's, wind started at 15+ but started calming after 1PM
Total flights: Today - 5; YTD - 70
Total motors: Today - 9; YTD - 85
Motors by class YTD: MMX-2; A-7; B-4; C-24; D-6; E-11; F-20; G-8; H-3

Water rocket flights (not included in the totals above): 6


It was very windy when I got to the field and I was a bit bummed. After spending an hour and a half trying, unsuccessfully, to recover Bat-mite's rocket from  the trees, the wind started to calm. It was in a favorable direction so I had a couple of long walks. I had less little shooting an arrow over his rocket. It was higher and deeper in the tree than my prior success. On the final shot, I think I might have had it. Unfortunately, I ran out of fishing line. Rats! I hadn't considered that possibility. I'll have to figure out how to get some more onto the reel.

My Flights:
  1. Not-a-MIRV on three C11-3s - The flight was a bit low for three C11s but it was nice anyway. The induction tubes were a bit sooty but weren't damaged.
  2. DG&A Lazarus on an H550-10 - Very fast and high. And a long walk. But no trees were involved.
  3. Public Enemy Ultra Fatboy on a G185-6 - Another fast flight. It ejected very late and the 'chute tangled. The nose stuck deep into the moist sod and one fin was buried. No damage.
  4. Estes MIRV sustainers on three A10-3s - Since I lost the booster to the beans, I decided to fly the three sustainers off a single standard LPR rod. The top two flew off nicely but the first CATOed, probably due to an off-label ignition method.
  5. Estes Cluster Bomb on an F44-8 - I built this to fly on E and F motors but, for over ten years, it had only flown on C's and D's. Well, it flew great on an F44!