Monday, October 05, 2015

It's still Not-a-MIRV

Here's the progress on this simple build. I have to touch paint the lug. I had hoped that a 1/4" rod would fit down the middle between the tubes but found it was a tad tight. So, I added a lug after it was painted.

I also have to decide on fins (or the lack thereof).  I didn't expect the Rocksim model to be usable and it clearly isn't. It goes from completely unstable with no fins (as expected) to amazingly stable on the tiny fins shown in my previous post.  The altitude part of the sim also went crazy. It was showing a bit over 1000' on three Cs. Then I tweaked the length of the nose cone and it is showing over 4000'. I only offer this to show that you can design things in Rocksim which won't work in the real world. Surprised, eh?