Thursday, September 10, 2015

Two builds in the works

The first is a big ring fin design. (Big ring fin, not a big rocket.) I have though about this design for a long time, motivated by the SNECMA C.450 Coléoptère tail sitting aircraft, the JETEX models pictured below, and the Estes Flying Stovepipe glider. TRF user daddyisabar rejuvenated my interest by pointing out this project.  About all I'm sure of is that it will be based on an Estes Super Alpha with a 24mm mount. The diameter and length of the ring is up in the air. This will feature a GDS tube of some sort, but I am even less sure about this part of the project. Stay tuned. Oh, yeah, I'm still searching for a name. Neither Coleoptere, Coccinellida (the Jetex name), nor Flying Stovepipe exactly fit.

The other project is an Estes MIRV that I picked up on one of their big sales.
This is a two stage model that featured three separate rockets as the upper stage. I boosts on an 18mm motor and each upper stage rocket flies on A10-3s.  Here is a review on