Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Saturn V, SA-667 - final touches

Well, it's done. I epoxied the bellmouth onto the lower body with JB Weld and attached the augmenter tube assembly with three small screws. The bottom of the augmenter tube assembly is at the top of the thick black/white striped sections on the base. I cut 1" sections from those black areas to help avoid the Krushnic effect. The upper and lower bodies are connected with 5 basswood spars. I have two 1/4" lugs - one next to a spar and one at the base. I didn't consider lugs when I aligned these sections and, since I wanted the upper lug to be supported by a spar, I had to trim the corner of one of the engine shrouds.

It weighs in at 18.3 oz and the CG is an inch above the air gap. I hesitate to say thiis, but it should be marginally stable without the GDS and thus it should fly fine. I said that about its predecessor so who knows. This will be flown from HPR pads suitable for 'L' motors.