Saturday, August 22, 2015

Saturn V, SA-667 craziness

I received the aluminum water bottle whose neck was supposed to form the bellmouth section of my augmenter tube. And, after some hacksaw work, I had a bellmouth. Here it is dry fit to the lower body and the induction tube. At ~$10, that is the most expensive single component. It feeds into a 6" induction tube (38mm BlueTube). That was sized very roughly based on a sketch of a Jetex augmenter. Oh my, this whole hairbrained idea is taking this project to a new level of craziness. The BlueTube is centered in a coupler and will sit below the neck of the bellmouth. That sub-assembly will be attached to the lower body with 4 screws and will be removable. I will be drilling a lot of vent holes in the lower body below the tail end of the induction tube. This isn't Sparta, it is madness!