Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Saturn V, SA-667 building status

I resumed construction of the next-gen Gas Dynamic Stabilized (GDS), aka Induction Stabilized, Saturn V. I had started top down and now continued from the bottom up. Hopefully these sections will meet in the coming weeks. The features shown in the photo includes the 3.1" OD tubing, the bottom most paper wrap, fairings that were attached to and cut from BT-60 tubing and fins that have a core of 1/64" fiberglass. The nozzles are a plastic part that was included in a box-o-parts that I inherited from Paul Miller. I hot glued the nozzle piece to a section of telescoping tubing and it is thus only for display.


I have decided on an inner induction tube inspired by the old Jetex augmenter tubes. These were demonstrated to increase the thrust by up to 30%. Mine will not be optimally shaped so I don't expect any noticeable gain. Heck, I'll just be happy if it stable during boost and is recovered in one piece. I plan to make the bellmouth from an aluminum water bottle. Finding one locally that was both close in size and inexpensive was problematic so I ordered one off of Amazon.  How to  mount it, how to attach an induction tube and how long to make said tube are questions yet to be answered.

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