Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Rocket recovery rig

After losing a rocket to the trees last weekend, I decided to build one of US Water Rocket's tree rescue system. They described their tool in a video: Tree Rescue System. Mine is basically the same concept but has a smaller PVC tube (3/4"vs. 1" diameter and 2' vs. 3' long). I also fashioned a duct tape pouch to help hold the projectile. They used weighted dowels so I made one of those and also grabbed a scrounged arrow.


I shot the arrow over a low limb in the back yard and it looks like it should work. I need to venture further away to see just how high I can reach. I suspect that, by the next launch, my Saturn V will be in poor shape but I will try to recover it just for practice.

On another note, I would have preferred using a slingbow so I could have used it for target shooting too. However, this was just quicker and easier and less expensive.