Saturday, August 15, 2015

Launch Report 2015-7 (NARHAMS)

Location: NARHAMS, Mt. Airy
Weather: sunny, low 90's, wind 0-3?
Total flights: Today - 11; YTD - 53
Total motors: Today - 11; YTD - 57
Motors by class YTD: MMX-2; B-3; C-15; D-4; E-11; F-14; G-7; H-1

Water rocket flights (not included in the totals above): 6

This was as good a day as you are going to get. Not too hot, sunny, barely a breeze and the long grass had been freshly mowed. My wife and dog kept me company to boot. Special thanks to the Ha's for running the launch, Jim Filler for keeping an eye on, and leading us to, my ejected 18/20 case, and Jef Fineran for going out to try to recovery my Saturn V.

My flights:
  1. Estes Sizzler (kit #1906) on a B6-4 - Nice flight, the first in over 17 years.
  2. Quest DC-Y Space Clipper on a D24-4 - Fast boost with a whistle. Late eject, even later 'chute and ejected case. It recovered safely and the case was found. WINNER!
  3. Estes Helio*Copter on a B6-4 - Good flight but it needed rubber bands on the helicopter blades. Ooops.
  4. Art Applewhite Max-Q on an F15-0 -  Nice flight.
  5. 5th Generation on a C11-3 - Nice flight.
  6. Shrox SHX-15 on a C11-3 -  Nice flight.
  7. Estes Majestic on an E16-6 - As this sat in direct sunlight, the cone became VERY tight. Luckily, I checked. I only put it in halfway in, which worked out well.
  8. Estes Mega Mosquito on an F15-4 - Really great flight!
  9. First Flight Mega Sonic on a D12-5 - Good flight, but the balsa cone got another Estes smile. Shock cord is stock length as it was a Beta test build.
  10. Estes Big Dipper Daddy on an E9-4 - Great flight with an award for landing closest to the RSO tent.
  11. Saturn V, SA-666 on an F44-4 - This was actually my first flight so it would go up before the Scouts arrived. The boost started arrow straight and then it took a hard right turn (probably around burnout). With the vents in the transition covered, it had no wobble and didn't ever tumble. However, it landed over 50' up in some trees. RIP.