Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Hostile Projectiles V-2 rebuild, or how to tempt the rocket gods to return the original cone

At the last NARHAMS launch, the Hostile Projectiles V-2 separated and the cone drifted away. I thought I saw it fall on the near side of a far tree line but my wife thought it went over. I started out to find it but the big hill, 4' grass, and the heat got the better of me. I found JonRocket had BT-60 PNCs that would make a suitable replacement so the order went out (5.5" long vs. 5.25").

The order arrived today and the simple rebuild is under way: Cut base off cone, add nose weight with Kevlar leader embedded, and paint/repaint.  Here is the 1st cut at the updated simulation. The mass object near the CP was added to make the body section match the as-built. I then added the nose cone with another mass object to move the CG to the desired spot (same as the original). I takes 2 oz as the resin tail cone is quite heavy. I plan on repainting the whole thing in a camo pattern using tan, orange and OD green. I did this on the latest version of the El Tubo Loco and liked it. Plus, it's 'use what ya' got'.

hostile_projectiles_v2 rebuild
So, what is that 'rocket god' comment all about? Well, I feel that if I go out of my way to quickly restore the rocket, it raised the chances that the grass will be mowed and the old cone is found hanging a few feet off the ground in the trees.