Monday, July 20, 2015

Saturn V, SA-667 continued

The top section of this model is basically complete, less recovery system (cord and 'chute). I could add a wrap to the bottom couple of inches, but I'm not sure how it will all hook together so I'll leave it off for now. Please ignore the fact that the LES is not perfectly straight.


Just for kicks, I thought I'd make a bill of materials for this section (generally from the top down):

  1. 1/2" of 1/8" dowel.
  2. 3" of a Copperhead tube.
  3. Center disc left over from a centering ring.
  4. 9 paper wraps/components (Mostly from the AlaskaPaperModelWorks's stomp rocket plans).
  5. One tube from an AT DMS motor.
  6. One misc. tube that telescopes over the DMS tube (didn't have a long enough piece and the DMS was too small for the upper wraps when the bottom ones were sized to 3").
  7. One home made bulkhead for the DMS tube.
  8. One large screw eye.
  9. One random plywood disc to hold the screw eye (bulkhead hole was too big).
  10. 6 1/2" of 3" mailing tube.
  11. Home made ply rings to center the DMS tub in the 3" tube.
  12. Home made rings to center the 29mm motor mount in the DMS tube.
  13. 5" of LOC 29mm tube.
  14. Estes motor retainer.
  15. Two short pieces of Kevlar to form attachment points for the recovery harness.
  16. Masking tape, 5-minute epoxy, wood glue, Aleene's tacky glue, glue stick, double-sided clear tape.
That's a fair number of parts and a lot of effort for a rocket whose flight profile may be sub-optimal. I wondered if I should have skipped the induction stabilization and just build a scale Saturn V with lots of detail. Now, I don't think I'm up for another Saturn or Saturn-like object. At least for a while.