Monday, July 06, 2015

Saturn V, SA-666 - further thoughts

I have actually been thinking about building another version of this thing. IF I do...

  1. I'll print the wraps at about 105% so the main body wraps fit a 3" mailing tube, with no tube sectioning. This is as big as I can go on 8 1/2" x 11" paper.
  2. The spars that center the motor mount will overlap the tube edge. On the original, there is a big discontinuity between the tube lip and the spars.
  3. I'll apply wraps over the visible parts of the spars and underlying tube.
  4. The inside of the induction tube will have a removable liner.
  5. The sticks that space the two main body sections and the launch lug will go inside. The originator of the induction concept, Dean Black, cautioned me not to put things inside that may interfere with an even mass flow. I'm not sure how much this will matter in this rocket as CG/CP says it is basically stable without any induction effect. All this needs is enough flow to fight the Krushnik effect.
  6. All this is dependent of a flight test of the original. Based on that I might adjust the fin size. In any event, they will be cut from 1/64" G10 or ply, depending on what I have lying around. Gotta ditch the fugly hot glue fillets.
I'll be adding to this list of notes as things pop to mind.