Sunday, June 21, 2015

NCR Archer, downscale kitbash from Estes Partizon

I am on a veritable building frenzy. There was a time the I'd have 3 - 4 projects on the bench at a time. However, last year I barely got that many projects done in total.  I'm sure I must have had more than that but I'm not going to go count. Anyway, this will be my third build out this month.

As you know (because you follow my blog so closely), a couple of  months ago I left my cherished NCR Archer on top of some tall trees. I figured that I'd clone it one day but, out of the blue, another opportunity presented itself.  The Partizon is my last PSII kit and it gives a good portion of the parts required for a 2.5" downscale.  I only need two of the three tubes, so the 3-fin slotted tube was put up for later use. I had hoped 3 of the 4 main fins could be cut from the existing Partizon fins. Nope, their span is too short. So, the fins were also put away. That leaves two tubes, the cone, the motor mount, and the laundry. I also have the plates for a 2.5" baffle so those will be added to the kit-supplied coupler. I think I can squeeze the main fins from the ply that I have in stock and will use 1/4" balsa for the ribs, just like the original.

Archer downscale from Estes Partizon

On another note, I will have two 2.5" tubes (from the Partizon and Argent), a coupler and the fins from the Partizon to use for a fourth build...if the mood strikes me.