Sunday, June 14, 2015

Launch Report 2015-4 (MDRA)

Location: MDRA, Price, MD (ESL-204)
Weather: High 80's, sunny, hot, wind was low (6 mph, mas o menos)
Total flights: Today - 7; YTD - 25
Total motors: Today - 8; YTD - 26
Motors by class YTD: MMX-2; C-6; E-6; F-6; G-5; H-1

Water rocket flights (not included in the totals above): 6

I managed to convince the wife to come out to help with the Easy Up, which meant our dog got to enjoy the sod farm too. I'll get right to the flight reports...
  1. Landshark on a G125-7 - Great flight, but it became a rocket on a hot tin roof. BIG hat tip to Bob Utley for helping wrangle the 40' pole that was required to recover it!
  2. AGM-84 Harpoon on a G106-7 - A nice noisy flight that landed close by...on the road again. One fin snapped; easily fixable.
  3. 4-F Club on 3x F15-0 and 1x F15-8 motors - Well, the sim didn't work out so well on this one. It supposedly would be stable off a 10' rail. Instead, the first booster merely lobbed it off the rail. Maybe it bound on the rail? The 2nd motor drove it to the ground, spreading parts and unburned motors all around. The unburned F15-0 now had a sod plug and flew in the Hat of Death. The unburned F15-8 lost it's ejection charge due to mechanical failure of the clay plug. Everyone cheered and my wife said I should have called it the 'F-Bomb'.
  4. Hat of Death on an F15-0 - I had to trim the ejection end of the case due to the previous flight. Other than that, the motor worked fine and it was a good flight.
  5. 58mm JATO on a G74-6 - Nice low-ish flight.
  6. Inductor (Rev2) on an E12-4 - I modified the original rocket and tried again. This time, it was stable for maybe the first 30' and then went to skywriting mode. Progress! Two thoughts: 1) It hit a layer of higher wind; or 2) The induction process could only stabilize the rocket when the engine was at peak thrust. I will review the flight with the experts and may go for an F motor next time.
  7. Art Applewhite Stealth D5 on a C6-3 - Missed this one. I was gabbing and the LCO launch it accidently. I'm sure it was a good flight :)
My photo's are [here].