Saturday, June 27, 2015

Its a rainy day...

It's raining, I had to get up early to meet our paving contractor and my current project is waiting on Stickershock23 (decals will be here Monday!). I am not really in the market to spend money on kits...but haven't been able to stay clear of the Interwebs. Here's what I would have my eye one should I be in the market. This list is more for me than for you. I miss the old EMRR days when I had a good stream of freebies to build and review. In no particular order:
  1. Estes Mega Red Max...most likely candidate when and if there's a great sale
  2. Rocketarium Mega Retro Rebel
  3. Rocketarium Rebel John
  4. Aerotech G-Force...big 4" rocket actually marketed for 29mm G motors
  5. Madcow 4" AGM-33 Pike
  6. Madcow 4" Little John
  7. The Launch Pad - Gabriel III/AS
  8. The Launch Pad - Flail
  9. The Launch Pad - Bullpup AGM-12C
  10. LOC/Precision - Mini Magg
  11. US Rockets - V2 2.25...always wanted a USR rocket and this one would at least be a realistic option
  12. US Rockets - SWARM...not practical for my flying habits...but...
  13. US Rockets - Ogee Quad SRB 6...the craziest one on the list, at that price it never would happen
  14. AMW - small fiberglass kit with that neon yellow tubing...nothing is on the web about this, but I saw one.