Monday, June 01, 2015

Fat Cat Centaurus clone

I finally decided on what to do with the PSII Argent that I picked up last year in one of Estes' mega-sales. Chuck Sackett, aka Project463, has limited editions of some of his old kits (see the TRF thread) and someone was kind enough to post about the Centaurus. The Centaurus isn't one of the ones Chuck is offering so I thought I'd scratch build a clone. The Argent provides the main components: body tubes, nose cone, transition section, stock for the main fins, recovery components and motor mount. The original is a 4" tube transitioning to 2.5 but the Argent is 2.5" transitioning to 2".  Thus, this will be a downscale. Also, since the Argent parts will also set various dimensions, it will be very stand-off scale.

Here is the Centaurus (hat tip to Nick Esselman and


And, here is the Argent (Estes photo):

Estes PSII Argent

And, finally, here is the start of a Rocksim model:

centaurus stand off

The Argent's nose cone and payload tube will be used as is. The lower section will be cut from the Argent's bottom tube. I'll cut the top and bottom off the transition and will extend the motor mount through it and into the 2" tube. I marked up the Argent's fins and will trim them to look as shown in the Rsim model (which doesn't show the fin tabs yet). I found six small fins in my junk box, which will serve nicely as the upper fins. Clearance for the launch rail may be an issue. If so, I am thinking I'll just trim the tip of the one obstructing fin. I have some basswood strips to form the spars that connect the outboard tubes to the upper body. I don't have side tubes identified as of yet.

More to come!