Monday, June 08, 2015

Centaurus, pt 4

Driven by a deep desire to minimize masking, this is turning out to be one of the more complicated builds that I've done in quite a while. Construction wise, I have finished up the main fins and the base section is together. Note the lugs. No rail buttons for this rocket!


I have started painting this section, which will include numerous coats of white primer and then a gloss clear coat.  I have found that this keeps me from buying gloss white paint. People who are good at painting probably will shudder, but it works well enough to meet my low standards. I have also painted the nose cone, transition and pods with Testor's competition orange.

After the lower part is done, I'll dry fit the pods and do some real-time design on the struts that will connect them to the main body. Once the point they will meet the upper tube is established, I will install the upper fins and paint the top part using the primer/clear coat method. In accordance with the original paint scheme, the band that includes those fins will be painted orange.

Finally assembly will include the shock cord, stacking the main parts and installing the struts. Here, I will arch the pod out, insert the strut assembly and then arch it back so the strut meets the body. More on the struts in a future post.  Once that is done, I'll bond the fin tabs to the pods from the inside.

Oh, yeah, then I'll add the laundry, check the as-built mass and CG, update the RockSim model, and add the requisite nose weight. This will NOT all be done in time for this coming weekend's launch, Hopefully it will fly in July.