Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Archer downscale, pt 5

It's getting real close! Here it is complete with vinyl decals from Stickershock23. I've been waiting on them for a couple of days and today caught the mailperson. For the 2nd time in a row, the package was on the truck but the carrier was either inept or lazy and had to be asked to find it. That works for me but, if nobody had been home, it would have gone undelivered.

Also, please don't look too closely. I am as bad at decals as painting. The Stickershock product looks great but there is a darkside. A big part of why they look good is the decals are not printed in a wider clear background. For instance, each character in printed sections are stand alone. I had no problems with the larger type (SA-14 ARCHER) but the little lettering at the bottom took a lot of care. I did botch one when I was distracted. Luckily, there was another that merely said "North Coast Rocketry". If you click through to my Flickr album, you can see views of all sides.


Given the tiny little letters, I KNOW that I have to clearcoat the decals. I my go with Future Shine vs. the spray Krylon. I'll think about that overnight.  Then, I'll add the laundry and get actual measurements, which will be inserted into the RockSim model.