Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Archer downscale, pt 3

The Mini Archer is basically together. NCR Archer aficionados will notice that something is a bit off. That is, it is about 4" longer than it should be to be true to scale. I could have cut the upper tube but decided this is close enough. I am happy that it is lighter than the Partizon Rocksim that I stole to base my sim on. It is an even 1 lb with all the laundry. It is also plenty stable with no added nose weight. Sanding and painting is up next and it still needs the rail buttons and lugs (yup, it gets both). I sure wish Stickershock was up and running. For now it will be just plain white. (Prayers go out to Marian, Marks' wife. Rocketry is understandably a low priority.)