Sunday, May 17, 2015

Launch Report 2015-3 (MDRA)

Location: MDRA, Price, MD (ESL-203)
Weather: high in low 80s; drizzle turning to mostly cloudy to mostly sunny; ground level wind non-existent; upper level wind highly variable
Total flights: Today - 6; YTD - 18
Total motors: Today - 6; YTD - 18
Motors by class YTD: MMX-2; C-5; E-5; F-3; G-2; H-1

Water rocket flights (not included in the totals above): 6

The weather report was iffy but I decided to go out anyway. It was drizzling slightly up until about 10 AM, but it stopped and there wasn't any standing water (except for some in the irrigation ditches). The flag on the field was totally still and stayed that way all day. I thought I was safe but the upper level wind was angled towards the trees. Several rocket ended up going in, including my venerable NCR Archer. This was the 21st flight of this 17 year old bird. RIP old friend.

My Flights:
  1. Whirygig24 on an E12-4 - A crowd pleaser as usual.
  2. NCR Archer on a H135-6 -  The up-part was great but it was lost, along with my new AltimeterThree. D'OH!
  3. PML Small Endeavour on a G69-6 - The boost had some wiggle near max-Q, or slightly thereafter. I have no idea why, as it typically doesn't do that.
  4. Quest MLAS-S on an F15-4 - Very nice flight...and it stuck the landing.
  5. Sirius SS Centris on a E12-4 - As with many winged rockets, the Cestris tried to fly. The 4 second delay should have been short but it was still flying parallel to the ground when it ejected. I guess that's basically apogee.
  6. Estes Ventris on a G74-6 - Very nice flight.
Here are my photos from the day.