Tuesday, January 27, 2015

All you ever needed to know to build a model rocket

Before there was the Internet, rocketry forums (yeah, that's the Internet too), or books (there was one, but I didn't have it), all an aspiring rocketeer needed was an Estes Catalog and a few of their Tech Reports. Today, Chris Michielssen passed along a reminder that that good old stuff is available on Estes' website. So, I posted this to remind anyone who doesn't follow Chris, or TRF. And, to remind me too! (Stolen image borrowed from  Chris.)

Estes Educator Publications

"Model Rocket Technical Manual"

That being said, you should still join TRF, a local club, and buy a book or two... G. Harry's Handbook of Model Rocketry or Apogee's Model Rocket Design and Construction. Or, better yet, get both!

Thanks Chris!