Wednesday, December 31, 2014

The (possibly) big post of 2014 'best of' lists

OK, 2014 is almost gone and I'm not finding lists that I want to share. I can't, however, resist pointing you to io9's list of lists: The 20 Greatest Superlists That io9 Published In 2014. to look at a few of the ones that I don't remember reading (or consciously skipping).

Best of The Rocketry Forum, 2014 (extracted from email)
Forum Games - Word Association (for ALL TRF'rs)The Watering Hole
What did you do Rocket Wise Today?The Watering Hole
CTI Cesaroni TechnologyVendors and New Products
Post a pic That Makes you LOLThe Watering Hole
Wildman Some Money for It....with it.The Watering Hole
Sirius Saturn V - Build ThreadHigh Power Rocketry (HPR)
Rocket Track - Open Source GPS Tracker for SmartphonesRocketry Electronics and Software
98mm N5800 MD Rocket for BALLSHigh Power Rocketry (HPR)
The Eggfinder - A Low-Cost GPS/RF Tracking SystemVendors and New Products
Arduino Altimeter - Dual Recovery for Less Than 20 DollarRocketry Electronics and Software

Here's my top 10 favorite rocket things from 2014

The Most Amazing Science Images of 2014 - io9 - They acknowledge this list of 50 items is not exhaustive and one of your favorites may not be here. But all of them are all pretty cool.