Friday, December 19, 2014

The Dungeon's Top Ten of 2014

1. I started the year with two 29mm conversions, thanks to Estes and their great sale.

2. In March, Semroc officially announced that, after Carl's passing, they would be closing their doors. On a better note, they just announced that they are in talks about selling their business. Even better, they will only sell to a sport rocketeer(s) who understands our obsession.

3. ROCKETS Magazine became an e-magazine in March...and the publication schedule stabilized.

4. I started building water rockets. Got a new launcher; implemented timer based parachute deployment; built themed rockets to entertain the grand-rocketeers, a tail-sliding FTC rocket, and an AquaShuttle stack!

5. I went steampunk on a kitbash based on another cheap Estes kit. (photo by Bill Cook)


6. The Dungeon went through a cycle of purging and restoring posts for reasons I won't try to explain. The net result was a lot of posts remained purged. The change wasn't noticed by anyone but me.

7. Rather than posting tons of random photos (both on-and off-topic), I joined Tumblr. My entire stream of re-blogged photos can be found on alt.rocketdungeon.

8. Orion launched and recovered safely.

9. I won a "Rocket Babe" SS Cestris from Verna and Randy's Rockets and Sirius.

10. More dirt cheap rockets from Estes! I got the four original Pro Series II mid-power kits for $79.99. Free shipping...arrived in 6 days...and they threw in some ornaments to boot. Ho, ho, ho!