Thursday, December 11, 2014

Sirius SS Cestris build, part 3

This will be a photo-less post as there is not much to see today.

I cut out the 11 fin components from the two balsa sheets that were provided. The balsa was quite light compared to the many other sheets that I have recently used. This resulted in less than pristine edges in some cases, but that should be fixable with fill'n'finish and sanding. Note that I was guilty of not replacing my Exacto blade before these were cut out.

I opted to fill the parts before assembling them and the two main wings are currently drying under pressure. They were warping badly by the time I had a layer of filler on them. However, they should be OK.

Although I can always change my mind, I am currently thinking that I won't add the outboard 18mm mounts. I have three strikes against the idea so it's out. First, I can't find any 18mm tubing. I could have sworn I have some bagged mounts somewhere, However, after the flood-induced reorganization of the Dungeon, I can not find them. Second, I read a flight report somewhere that referenced fin problems when the kit was flown on an E9 and two C6's. I am a bit concerned as the wings are not as stiff as I would have expected. Finally, the extra motors may require more nose weight that I'm also not that anxious to add. It could be that it is stable enough that this isn't an issue, but I don't really feel like exploring the issue. If I feel bad about not flying it as a cluster, I'll load up one of my many other clusters.

I'm anxious to hear about Verna and Randy's cluster flight...which might yet sway my opinion.

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