Sunday, September 21, 2014

On the durability of cardstock

Well, as I was repairing a few creases in my Model Minutes XFLR-7, I detected a more severe issue. The inner motor/parachute tube had burned through over 50% around its circumference. This tube was raw cardstock. In retrospect, a coat of epoxy on the inside of the tube might have been a good idea. I'm a little surprised that, with such a huge gap in the tube, the outer shell neither popped nor exhibited any charring.  I wonder if it was merely weakened and yesterday's hard 3-point landing jarred it loose? As opposed to the rocket laying over on touch down.

This rocket has seen18 flights, 10 on C11s and 8 on D12s.

I neglected to photograph the damage before I started repairs, but here's a pic from yesterday's launch.