Saturday, September 20, 2014

Launch Report 2014-11

Location: NARHAMS, Mt Airy
Weather: sunny, high of 84, wind 5-10
Total flights: Today - 9; YTD - 89
Total motors: Today - 9; YTD - 79
Motors by class YTD: H2O-17, uHybrid-1, MMX-1, A-3, B-6, C-16, D-7, E-17, F-16, G-9, H-2

The weather was pretty nice - a tad hotter than expected and the wind, while not too bad, was vectored to the trees. At the last moment, I packed some extra low power rockets so all mine stayed out of said trees. My one F-powered 4FNC flight went over them so I scrubbed one G and two F flights. It looked like the wind might have been shifting to a more favorable direction, but I didn't wait it out.

It was fun seeing all the nice night launch rockets even though the lights were off during the day. And, I got to use the club's brand new rails and 1/4" rod. I brought my pad but didn't have to assemble it.

My Flights:
  1. Model Minutes XFLR-1 on a D12-5 - Nice flight with its signature slow roll. It stuck the landing but crunched one pod. This cardstock model is showing its age but I'll fix her up.
  2. Shrox SHX-15 on a C11-3 - Nice swooping flight.
  3. Talk Radio on a C11-3 - Good flight.
  4. Half AssTron Superroc on a C6-3 - Suffered separation anxiety. Think I'll replace the shock cord this time.
  5. Semroc Gee'hod on a B6-4 - Up was good but the 'chute lost a couple of lines. Hard landing but no damage. Needs a C.
  6. Paper Big Bertha on an B6-4 - Good flight.
  7. Hat of Death on an F15-0 - Wowed the crowd as usual.
  8. F-in-Rocket on an F15-4 - Nice lumbering flight over the tree line.
  9. Art Applewhite Stealth D5 on a C6-3 - Great spin. Scared one rocket mom as it landed close by.
Here is one of my photos from the day. The rest can be found here.