Monday, August 04, 2014

Sometimes, the real time design of oddrocs just doesn't work out...

I am all bummed out. I was excited when I acquired the (potential) rocket parts that I presented in the previous post. Unfortunately, my early enthusiasm has hit a wall of reality.

I am no closer to deciding what to do with the umbrella anchor. In fact, I'm worse off since Rich Holmes suggested another option - to cut the conical part off and use the screw part as a fin unit. That may be the best idea. I'm worried about stability issues if I use the screw portion as a nose cone. As if using the whole thing in some screwball oddroc (pun  intended) is any more likely to be stable. Until I feel some joy, I'm probably going to save it for next year's beach trip.

I also started cutting up the alien cup. I started with a hole in the cap (not shown in the photo) to fit the 38mm tube from the guts of the lawndarted Stratosphere rocket. I then slid in a tube and lopped the upper body off where the tube intersected the glass. I also did that for the foot section. Interestingly, the length of the glass fits Stratosphere parts perfectly. I then cut the middle section in half. It turns out this section won't work out as I envisioned and the resulting mess provides no good way to mount fins.  I might still use that top section if I can figure out an alternate, alien themed,  lower body.  For now, all of it is going back in the junk box while I go back to the drawing board.

As it stands, it looks like I won't have any new, weird things to fly at the next MDRA launch.