Sunday, August 10, 2014

Redneck science on the Demolition Ranch

Growing up, we had ample open spaces where you could 'experiment' with things that would land you in jail these days (at least in this neck of the woods). I really miss plinking at things in the desert and often would like to try some rocket that is too weird even for MDRA. So, I have an affinity for people who take full advantage of the open spaces available to them. I recently found the Demolition Ranch YouTube channel. The content includes shooting stuff with his Barrett 50 caliber rifle, reloading shotgun shells with ordinary household items and zapping all kinds of things in microwave ovens (every least most of them). The only way for you to get the scope of the craziness is to check it out yourself. Don't try any of that stuff at home, he is what you call an expert. Well, maybe not an expert or a scientist but I do like the videos. By day the proprietor is a veterinarian and he has a new vet channel too. I especially like the video where he shoots diet Coke with Mentos, and this one:

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