Saturday, July 26, 2014

Launch Report 2014-10

Location: MDRA, Central Sod Farm
Weather: cloudy turning to clear, wind 0-5, around 90 degrees max
Total flights: Today - 8; YTD - 80
Total motors: Today - 9; YTD - 70
Motors by class YTD: Water-17, MicroHybrid-1, MMX-1, A-3, B-4, C-12, D-6, E-17, F-14, G-9, H-2

The day started poorly with a 30 minute delay on the bridge due to beach traffic. Haven't seen it this bad for over 5 years. Add 15 more approaching the 50/301 split. It was also unexpectedly spitting rain but that quit and the day turned out great. 

I had one weird thing happen. I started trying to fly an F15-4 in the Cheetah. After the stock igniter failed to light it, I tried a Q2G2. No go. I decided that maybe there was some clay over the nozzle. I scraped it lightly and tried another Q2G2. Still no joy. More scraping and a home grown igniter. STILL it sat on the pad. I decided to go at the nozzle with a drill bit. After it was way in there and I was still getting clay, I figured out that something was really wrong. I ended up putting it on a static test stand and burning it from the top end. As expected, the nozzle remained plugged. I need to take some measurements, fill out a MESS form, and contact Estes. And, inspect the other motor from the pack! I'll do a separate post as a follow up.

My Flights
  1. NCR Archer on a G106-5 - Excellent sparky flight with a short walk!
  2. Madcow Jayhawk on a G74-6 - Nice flight, I'm really digging the EconoMax motors!
  3. Big Daddy 29mm on a G74-9 - I drag raced Dave Greger's Old Bay Daddy and Coors Light Daddy, which flew on CTI F motors. They both lit faster than mine but the Daddy really rocked. It also stuck the landing :)
  4. AquaShuttle water rocket (300mL @ 80psi)- Everything worked and it held together. The performance sucked.
  5. FTC-1 water rocket (400mL @ 90psi) - Nice flight with touchdown parallel to the ground.
  6. Mega Mosquito on 3 x E9-6 - I was really nervous about this flight.  All three motors lit and it wobbled a bit on the way up. Perfect recovery. YAY!
  7. Aerotech Cheetah on an G74-9 - Very high with bean patch landing.
  8. Cohete Gigante on an E9-P - Fins were too floppy. It arced over and POP! RIP.
I have a few photos [here] and expect a video of the AquaShuttle as well as stills of the Mega Mosquito and Cohete Grande.

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