Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Estes Mega Mosquito, Steam Punk, Forward Mounted Canted Cluster build thread, part 5

Spent yesterday cutting cardstock, placing stick on rivets, and add other missile-aneous trim. I could add more but I want to have it ready for the next MDRA launch and want to take advantage of today's sun for painting. Hope to get it all primered up today. I'm mostly happy with what I did but there is one tube that looks kinda funky. Oh well, it is what it is and that's all it is.

It weighs 12.6 oz w/o motors and with E9's and a 24" chute the CG is at the leading edge of the fins...pretty much where the unloaded CG of my 29mm version is.

To take a rough stab at delay selection, I totaled the thrust, avg and total, for 3xD12 and 3xE9, derated it for the cant angle, and picked a motor that was close to the resulting pseudo-motor. This was loaded in the 29mm Skeeter's Rocksim, the mass was adjusted for the actual rocket weight and the difference in motor weighs. D12-5's and E9-6's should be close enough.

I will decide depending on the wind on launch day.

On the first coat of primer, I was happy with the overall trim job (although it doesn't hold up to Fatboy's Spitfires). However, there are lots of bumps that will never be removed. Hope the Krylon hammered paint looks really hammered!