Sunday, July 13, 2014

Estes Mega Mosquito, Steam Punk, Forward Mounted Canted Cluster build thread, part 3

Today saw a lot of progress. I fabricated an insert to protect the nose cone using a chuck of tube and some thick cardstock. I also sectioned the shoulder of the cone so it will slide past the motor tubes. I plan to hold the cone in using three nylon pop rivets so I can inspect the protector.

I installed the parachute tube and completed the tail plug. The first photo shows it sitting in place....with a big nozzle. I needed something to grab hold of in case I have to get the plug out and it will distract from those Estes retainers.

I also trimmed the fin tabs and glued the fins. I decided to cut a few random holes in the outer fin shells to make them look torn up...before I tear it up. I will paint the exposed trusses black or gray. Something other than the basic fin color.

I don't know...this thing has gotten out of control!

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