Friday, July 11, 2014

Estes Mega Mosquito, Steam Punk, Forward Mounted Canted Cluster build thread, part 1

This series will  mirror my posts in the TRF build thread with the same name Comments and comments to the comments will not be included.


I had been wondering what to do with the Spare Mega Mosquito that was gathering cobwebs in the build pile....then I ran across CZ Brat's thread on his Estes V2, Steam Punk, Forward Mounted Canted Cluster. I liked it so much that I not only stole his idea but even copied the format of his thread title. I thought the latter might trick some members into reading my thread too.

As with many of my builds, this one will involve a lot of parts that I had laying around. Being a real time build, I haven't worried about stuff like nose weight or how to keep the rear eject laundry in during boost. Since the motors seem to mostly sit forward of the CG on my 29mm Mega Skeeter, I suspect nose weight will not be an issue.

Here are most of the major parts gathered so far. I chopped the bottom off the cone and will use the end part as a plug to keep the ejection gasses away from the cone. I obviously will have to plug that hole. Next to that is the body with three holes cut in it. I found the equation for a plane bisecting a cylinder and made a template. The photos below show a motor tube dry fit. In the base of the body tube is a roughly BT-70 sized stuffer, which will allow a short fin tab. Next to the tubes is the start of a tail plug (a sectioned piece of tube, a 2.6" CR and a smaller ply disc. I didn't have a suitable bulkhead so I used a ring. The thicker ply disc will provide a better shock cord mounting point and will plug the hole in the CR. Kinda I had to use what I got. Then there are three 6", thick walled 24mm tubes with Estes retainers. You'll note that there are only two retainer sets....more are on the way (So much for just using parts on hand.)

When I made the hole template, I was surprised on how much tube is exposed outside of the BT. I considered increasing the cant angle or moving the hole forward. In the the end I decided to leave the hole 1" back and at a 15 degree angle.

I mentioned 'steampunk' in the title but am not sure that's how I'll go. If I do, I think I'll cut some holes in the outer fin skins to expose the trusses in the inside fin piece. I need more motivation on finishing.