Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Yet another hair brained water rocket

I recently ran across a Space Shuttle water rocket. That got me thinking about that spare Guillows foam Shuttle that I've had laying around...

The Shuttle had been converted to fly as an air rocket so I removed the guts and covered the gaping hole that runs the length of the bottom fuselage with white duct tape. As I did on the Mirror Image  I epoxied a basswood plank into the front and then a dowel to that. The next step is to balance the Shuttle so it will glide.

The main body is a 2L bottle with about half of another glued to the top. The added section is for length and won't be pressurized.  The Shuttle mount consists of a thin paper tube and a couple of pieces of coat hangar wire. These components were epoxied to the bottle and were covered with duct tape.  I don't have suitable scale-like paint to I'm trying one coat of OD and then a coat of orange. I also need to thicken up the base of the coat hangar hooks so they don't eat into the foam wings. The Survival of the Shuttle is my number one concern with this rocket.

The 'SRB's (one shown in the photo) are made from a section of FTC with a nozzle made from a water bottle and a CA-treated paper cone.  These also will not be pressurized. The FTC provides a convenient port to add fins extensions, such as the ones on the Estes and Dr. Zooch kits. The fin extensions will sit about 6" below the "main tank' and will greatly help stability.

The pictured nose cap is part of a plastic Easter egg. I might not use it.

The 'chute will reside under the NC and will be released via a mechanical timer. I think I can also rig a cord to help make sure the Space Shuttle glider separates.