Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Water rocket Space Shuttle progress

Here are main components attached to one another. I still need to: Make a nose cone, make the fin units that will slide into the SRB's, and attach all the recovery stuff.

For the first SRB's nozzle section, I used a Dasani (IIRC) 12oz water bottle. It turns out its throat was about 25mm vs. the standard 22mm. This was good because 24mm tubes fit nicely. It was bad because I couldn't find another to match (after a low-level search). Nobody seems to sell singles of that size bottle and my original source switched to another brand. Luckily, it was pressure fit and not glued. I removed it and made two new ones. I have to now decide how to make the fin units. I have a cute idea for these, but you'll have to wait to see them.

I wasn't happy with the shape of the nose cone(s) I'd been looking at so I'm going to make a cardboard cone. It will be formed with two conical sections and thus will look a bit chunky. I may punt and try yet something else or just use one of the earlier iterations.