Wednesday, June 04, 2014

Tubesteak Boogie

I have heard stories about people using sausage as the fuel for a hybrid motor. Maybe I've gone over the deep end but I've been thinking about flying my MicroHybrid on a hot dog. If I do, I'll temporarily rename the rocket per this post's title :)

I have 2 worries. First, if the hot dog comes apart too much, the nozzle could clog. Second, internal pressure could compress the grain and clog up the works. Hot dogs clog your arteries so one or both of these conditions might be expected :)

My plan was to make a grain and decide later. To avoid compression, I plan to epoxy the hot dog material into an 18mm tube. I would then freeze the grain and drill the core. My first attempt was to core a hot dog with a piece of 18mm tube. About half way through the process, the tube became infused with nitrate laden meat juice and collapsed. The experiment failed and my pooch and I ate the evidence.

I wonder if there is a more suitably sized material. Thinner dog, hard sausage, fat Slim Jim?

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