Friday, June 27, 2014

Space Shuttle water rocket...getting close

Progress since the last update:
  • Nose Cone - I roughed out a truncated conical nose cone out of some poster board. It's not perfect, but I liked it well enough. I beefed up the inside with another layer of card stock and treated it with many coats of Future brand floor finish. A ring of plastic from a soda bottle ensured the card stock cone stayed round as the floor finish dried.  I added a screw in the top as a place for the "ejection" rubber band to snag the cone.
  • Fins - The spine of the fins are a plastic angle that is intended to protect the corner of a wall. This fit well in the base of the SRB bottles and was then wedged in place with part of an Estes 18 mm motor. I think these will stay in during boost yet are removable. I roughed out a pattern and cut four Corriflute fins. Inspired by Dr. Zooch's famous flame fins, I printed a photo of an actual Shuttle launch so the colors of my flame fins are true to 'scale'.
I need to treat the fins to water proof them a bit. I think I'll spray a couple of coats of Krylon clear and then paint on more Future finish. I also need to finish rigging the ejection stuff. You can catch a glimpse of the timer in the side photo. 

I think there's about a 50% chance this will hold together, a 50% chance it will be stable and a 50 percent chance that it will recover properly. That gives about a 12.5% probability of success.

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