Sunday, June 22, 2014

Launch Report 2014-8

Location: MDRA, Central Sod Farm
Weather: high of 80, cloudy changing to clear, wind 0-5
Total flights: Today - 10; YTD - 61
Total motors: Today - 6; YTD - 49
Motors by class YTD: Water-17, uHybrid- 1,MMX-1, A-3, B-2, C-7, D-6, E-11, F-12, G-4, H-2

This was a most excellent day to fly. Not too hot, no rain and LOW WIND! My highlight of the day was the four water rocket flights. To my knowledge, I am the first to fly water rockets at MDRA. Everybody was very interested in them and they went out of their way to let be prep them on the field. Bob even set up two GoPro pad cams and tried to catch the flights with ROCKETS Magazine's video camera. He was surprised how quick they. Between that and the fact that the bodies are are mostly clear, it is unknown whether the video will be any good.

My Flights:
  1. PML Small Endeavour on a G69SK-7 - Excellent flight.
  2. NCR Big Brute clone on a G64-5 - Ditto, delay was perfect.
  3. Manatee 2 on 80psi, 1.0L  - Nice boost but I had a loop in the cord that holds the 'chute's pull-pin. Bad idea. Said loop grabbed the stem of the timer and held the 'chute safely in place. The nose cone was smashed and the bottles were crunched.
  4. Manatee 2 on 80psi, 1.0L  - BUT, I decided to try again anyway. I taped the offending loop closed and set up the nose cone to free fall. The bottles popped back into place nicely as the rocket pressurized. The 'chute came out a tad early but the flight was successful!
  5. FTC-1 on 80psi, 400mL - Nice high boost. The rocket didn't transition to a glide but it did fall parallel to the ground. It landed on AMW's trailer.
  6. FTC-1 on 80psi, 400mL - I found one fin was a bit loose so I added some tape for insurance. The flight profile was 100% the same (except it didn't land on anybodies trailer).
  7. Ankyo-mcH on a MicroHybrid (paper grain, 0.02" injector) - Once again, there was no gas leakage when I added a few wraps of tape around the gas canister. Arrow straight flight with 'boink' recovery. On the previous flight, it fell parallel to the ground and I don't know why it acted differently this time. 
  8. Art Applewhite 9" Stars and Stripes saucer on an E12-0 - When these work, they are great motors.
  9. Estes Super Alpha on an F15-8 - Out of sight flight. Neil keeps saying that we never leave them up there, but nobody saw it again. Since there was no wind, I would have thought that, if it came down ballistic, we would have heard it and seen a debris field. If it came down under streamer, it shouldn't have drifted too far. The whole field was either flat dirt or mowed grass so there wasn't many places for it to hide.
  10. Quest Nike Smoke 29mm on an E16-8 - This was also a high flight but it went into a patch of blue sky and the streamer was easily visible. It landed between the pad and the LCO, further confounding me about what happened to the Super Alpha.
The center two rockets in the attached photo are my 7.5" Saucer and the Ankyo-mcH. I have a few more photos [here].