Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Sport Rocketry, May/June 2014

This issue features two build articles - the upscale Deuces Wild! shown on the cover and a flying saucer-like rocket built from a Styrofoam snowflake. I actually like the snowflake rocket better. I can't believe the snowflake 'branches' held up under boost. There is another article chronicling one rocketeer's path to Junior L-1 on a mach- breaking, minimum diameter bird. The best articles in this issue, however, are historical articles on 'real' rockets. Peter Alway has a photo packed history of the Atlas-A missile. He includes dimensioned drawings for rounds 4 and 12. There is also a brief history of Reaction Motors, which produced the rocket motors for the Bell X-1 and the X-15, among others.