Tuesday, May 06, 2014

More bottle splicing observations

I spliced a 2nd pair of 2L bottles...still didn't have enough on hand. Here is some or what I learned.

  1. Small, sharp scissors work better for cutting bottles. I started the cuts with a razor knife and then made the cuts with the scissors on my mini-Leatherman. I still had to get rid of some burrs, but the process was easier.
  2. The Coke bottle that I thought would telescope into a straight walled bottle, didn't.
  3. BUT...straight walled 2L bottles are not uniform in diameter. I cut two and they naturally telescoped. (I don't know which of these two that I tried with the Coke bottle.)
  4. I didn't find out about the natural telescoping until I shrunk the end of one a tad. That was OK because it made the telescoping easier to start.
  5. When shrinking the end of a cut bottle, err towards less heat and shorter dips. I was at about 160 degrees and put the bottle in for no more than a split second at a time.  It is easy to dip multiple times and you don't want curling/warping.
My list of stuff I need is growing. Timers, pink paint, and some Corriflute. And MORE BOTTLES.