Sunday, April 06, 2014

V-104: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

Well, I finished painting the fins and attached them melt glue. I had a hard time bonding to this plastic when the F-104 was an F-104 so I thought I'd try something new. I figure the worst case is a fin cleanly pops off on recovery. I ran some design sims and find I likely need a quarter of an ounce of nose weight. The resulting rocket should fly well on an A8-3, B6-4 or C6-5. Yay.

The Good: The resulting rocket is an altogether satisfying V-2-like object. And, a good way to honor the F-104's memory. Check out the shot with it between a Semroc BT-55 V-2 and my scratch-from-plans BT-50 Mini V-2.

The Bad: There is not much recovery room given the found parts that I used and the base of the fins are not perpendicular to the rocket's longitudinal axis. I failed to consider the base when sanding the Semroc V-2 fins to fit.

The Ugly: I had 3 extra, unused cans of Rustoleum flat black when I started. The first wouldn't spray even though is was brand new. The 2nd can worked fine for the first side of the fins but began to clog and splatter on the 2nd side. I have never had this happen on a can that is less than a season old. Some cleaning and 10x the shaking and I kinda, sorta, mostly got 2 coats of paint on. The result looks OK from 10'. But hey, this me, what else would you expect? And, third spare can will be returned.

Despite the bad and ugly, the Good won out big time :)