Thursday, April 17, 2014

StratoFins parachute attachment

{This is my first post from my phone, formatting issues may ensue.}

Attached is a photo of a StratoFin unit on a 2L bottle and with a 12" Estes 'chute attached. The shroud lines are not long enough to reach to the fins so I added separate cords. Each has a loop on top and they are cinched with a cable tie (basically the method outlined on the StratoFins site). The 'chute already had a snap swivel attached. 

When I can get another bottle, I'll fashion a nose cone. Meanwhile, I'll ponder what cheap toy may have a timer that I can play with. George from AirCommand confirmed what my gut knew - recovery by passive nose cone drop off is unreliable.

One thing to note is that a 2L rocket with StratoFins reportedly will tumble down vs. come in ballistic.  This also seems iffy but it is mentioned somewhere on their site and I found a third party video that shows this. I may have to find out for myself.