Friday, April 11, 2014

Launch Report 2014-3

Location: Higgs Farm, Price, MD (Red Glare XVI)
Weather: 75 degrees max, partly cloudy and dry, wind 5-10
Total flights: Today - 6; YTD - 15
Total motors: Today - 10; YTD - 19
Motors by class YTD: MMX-1, A-2, C-3, E-5, F-5, G-2, H-1

This was the first day of Red Glare. The weather forecast had oscillated between good and bad and good won out. The launch rate started ligh but got heavy between about 12PM and 3PM.

My Flights:
  1. Landshark on a G64-4 - Nice flight with a little 'bonus delay'.
  2. Thoy Snipe on 3 x E9-4 - Great boost. The 'chute came out on cue but about 2/3 of the way down the body dropped off. This is a vintage kit that includes an elastic shock cord. However, it wasn't the elastic that failed. It was the Kevlar leader that connects the stainless steel wire mount to the elastic. The landing was 'one point' with one fin stuck in the dirt. No damage.
  3. Public Enemy Ultra Fat Boy on a G115-6 - Nice boost with late ejection. Long walk.
  4. Estes Mega Mosquito on an F15-4 - Nice flight with ejection a fraction of a second early.
  5. Talos, Block 2 on an E16-6 and two C11-7 - Nice boost until the booster motors' ejection charges went off. My plugging wasn't sufficient. One booster mount disappeared and the other on blew apart.
  6. Whirlygig38 on an H100 - This spun like crazy and rose fast (see video in the photo set linked below). Near max-Q, one fin came off and took the tube with it. This caused a large pucker factor in the crowd but the fin fluttered down harmlessly just a few feet from me. An analogy to this flight was the old saying, "the operation was a success but the patient died." A G-80 would have been a better choice. Oh well.
All my photos can be found [here].