Sunday, April 20, 2014

Happy Easter rocket news catch-up and some hidden 'eggs'

While I was prepping, launching, and documenting my meager flights, I spotted several noteworthy rocket items on the interwebs.

As y'all probably know, on Friday SpaceX successfully launched the ISS-bound Falcon9/Dragon, which arrived there this morning. The early report was that the flyback test of the booster stage was successful. Maybe not 100%, but successful for a test flight. I haven't found the fist hand press release, but Elon Musk's initial comments are can be found [here] (1st ref. I ran across).

Here is what SpaceX hopes to do with the Falcon9 booster. I just love rocket launches shot from multi-copters!

And, astrophotographer Thierry Legault captured this video of the Dragon as it passed over Paris some 25 minutes after launch. (check out all his work)

Next, the Next Big Future captured a compendium of videos regarding Project Orion (some of which I may have already embedded or pointed to): Project Orion would gather Two thirds of propellant as it went so that All major moons of Saturn or Jupiter could be visited with a mass ratio less than 2.

And, some extra hidden Easter eggs: