Monday, March 10, 2014

Semroc is closing...nooooooooooooo

Chris Michielssen reposted this from YORF (of course, there is a similar thread on TRF):
Semroc Fans,I am sorry to say that we will be closing the company. After my father’s death and my stay in the hospital I have realized that it will be impossible to catch up. I have decided after much thought that it would be in my best interest to close the doors. This is not an easy decision after living a 10yr plus dream with my Dad. We appreciate all the loyalty that you have all shown me and my family over the years, we are forever grateful. We will always cherish the memories and friendships we have made over the years. It has made all this worthwhile.All of the current inventory is up for sale but there will not be any custom parts cut and once the kits and parts are gone there will be no more. If anyone is interested in buying out current stock please drop us an email and let us know. Again thank you all for helping me and my family live the dream!
Sincerely,The Semroc Family
Terribly sad news all around. Hopefully, someone can buy them out and continue in some capacity. There has got to be some intellectual property value in addition to their current stock. In any event, I wish their family well.

I wasn't a big customer but really liked what I got from them. What first popped to mind was the simple recreation of the original Estes V-2 from my childhood. I have three of these, one built scale, one semi-scale and one bashed into a Hermes A1. Carl and his family were a class act and really gave back to the hobby. I've related my Golden Scout story many times. I also got two free kits, the Recruiter and the LAUNCH Missile. You can easily find my reviews of all these kits via the reviews page above.