Thursday, March 13, 2014

ROCKETS Magazine becomes an e-magazine with Volume 8 Issue 1

All subscribers should have received an email this morning. Their costs have gone up a lot and they don't want to have to pass a huge increase on to the subscribers. The same issue killed Extreme Rocketry, which first tried to go to mostly B&W photos. It also got High Power Rocketry, which tried to survive by going to a smaller form factor. ROCKETS' approach is the emag.  It's going to be free and they provided an code to apply your remaining subscription value towards ROCKETS merchandise, such as DVD's.

I haven't read the issue so I'll refer you to the cover image for the contents. I did scan the issue and am really looking forward to the article on tube finned rockets, which appears to present a wide variety of wild configurations. I am motivated to try some already.