Wednesday, March 26, 2014

On picking a motor for the big Whirlygig

It's been quite a while since I thought about this one. I started throwing it together on a whim and, but the time I worried about it's weight, it was too late to easily rig a recovery system.  I've decided to go ahead and fly it without one. If it had the same flight profile as its smaller brethren, it shouldn't come near the flight line.

That's IF the motor is sized properly. This oddroc weighs in at approx. 5X the weight of the Whirlygig-24. The small one flies well on E9s so if the total AND average impulses are 5X that of an E, I should be OK. Right? Under that logic, a G45 should do the trick. However, just to make sure it gets up and go, I'd like to double that. I haven't tried a Loki H100 yet. Maybe I should.