Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Cool space graphics in the news (with even cooler back stories)

First, io9 presents 12 Diagrams [actually 11 diagrams and one solid model] That Changed How We Understood Our Solar System.

Next, Clark Lindsey reports on an NPR piece about the return of the ISEE-3 spacecraft: : Space Thief Or Hero? One Man’s Quest To Reawaken An Old Friend. In the early 1980's GSFC's Dr. Robert Farquhar led the effort to repurpose the ICE spacecraft as the ISEE-3. He orchestrated the following orbital ballet to get it to pass by the comet Giacobini-Zinner. This year,  the ISEE-3 will return to our neck of the Solar System and there is a small chance it can be repurposed once again.