Thursday, February 13, 2014

My crazy rocket dream

I was having a rocket dream when I was rudely awakened to the sound of now blowers and shovels scraping. As usual, I immediately forgot many details but here goes...

It was an MDRA launch. I could tell because Neil was the LCO. However, the field was some well wooded park with some nearby houses. My first launch was a rocket that deployed a collapsable tent/igloo like thing (dreams don't have to make any sense). It landed over some trees and when we got there there was a line of houses. Someone had been recovering rockets and stood them up neatly along their property line. My tent/igloo thing was gone and we surmised the property owner claimed it for their trouble.

I went back and found that I had had most brought partial rockets, some with only tail sections and some with only nose sections. D'OH! I then found my Mega Mosquito and Super Alpha. The wind began blowing a gale when the Mosquito went up. It weathercocked over some trees and drag separated. The body was just landing on top of the tallest tree when the wind picked it up and returned in close by. (So this wasn't a total nightmare.) While watching that one, the Super Alpha went up. I looked up just in time to see it deploy its streamer. It drifted right to me. Yay. I should be so lucky in the real world.